I want to be worthy.

I want to be worthy of salvation. I know that salvation is not earned. Rather, it is through the grace of God and because Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for all of our sins. Because the wages of sin was death. That is a great example of His mercy and loving kindness. He is so great. Now all you have to do is believe and accept Jesus into your life and He will do the rest for you. Because no one sees the Father but through Jesus Christ who is our Lord and savior. But I want to be worthy of His grace. I want to an example of the glory of God. I want to sing His truth to anyone who will listen. Because he called all of His believers to be fishers of men. He wants everyone to have eternal life. Hell was made for lucifer and his angels. Don’t follow satan to his doom. You were all created for great things. To give all glory to God. Through your words, your thoughts, your actions. What greater honor than to be a testament to greatness of The Creator of everything. The one true living God. I hope that you ask Jesus to come into your life today and that you accept him into your heart. I wish you only the best.

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