Not sure what to write about

I haven’t posted anything to my blog in a couple of days. That’s because I’m not sure what to write about. Despite that, I want to post to my site regularly. You never know when inspiration will strike. I guess I’ll talk about what I’ve been doing the past week or so.

I’ve been making a complete fool of myself for about 4 consecutive days. I’ve been getting wasted and listening to music on my Bluetooth speaker or on my earbuds and dancing and singing like an idiot. But in my head, I was singing like an angel and dancing like……? Put it this way, my moves are out of this world. Even though I looked like a jackass, I was enjoying myself thoroughly.

People will judge you no matter what you do. It’s inevitable. People will make an assumption about you before you reveal anything about yourself, aside from the clothes you’re wearing and how you carry yourself. I realize those things say a lot about a person. But is that enough to hate or love someone? Apparently, that’s all people need. I should say, in my experience, people are far more comfortable expressing their distaste or hate for you rather than the other way around. And everybody knows that if you don’t dress like you are somebody, people will treat you like you are nobody. But maybe that is just how I see the world around me.

Well, the biggest man you ever did see was – was just a baby. – Bob Marley

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