Had a very vivid and disturbing dream

Early this morning at around 1 o’clock, I woke up from a dream. This dream stood out because I don’t have many and I tend to forget the ones that I have. Furthermore, there are only a handful of dreams throughout my life that I can still remember clearly. I don’t know about you but my dreams tend to have no beginning to them. It just starts in the middle or towards the end. It is up to you to put the puzzle together. This is how my dream started, in the middle or towards the end. I was running. We were running. I was with my older brother. It was night. The rain had just finished and everything was glistening off the lights of the site we were at. It appeared to be a construction site or a junkyard. There were people after us. I get the sense that we witnessed something we weren’t supposed to see. And these people weren’t the type to be reasoned with. So we ran. Bullets dug themselves in around our feet and flew past our heads, as we scrambled to get out of their line of sight. The fear I felt was very real. I could feel though adrenaline pumping through my veins. I could smell The damp soil in the cold night air. We were running for a very long time and I was afraid we couldn’t keep this up. Giving up wasn’t a viable option. If they got their hands on us, we were done. Finally up ahead, there was a chance to get away. It looked like an entrance to a cave. Hopefully the dark of the night wood block them from seeing where we went. But we were tired and my brother stumbled and fell. I couldn’t leave without him so I ran back and helped him to his feet. My feet were heavy and the entrance seemed farther than it actually was. We made it to the entrance of the cave and everything changed. We were no longer in the same place. Now we were in what appeared to be an airport bathroom looking in the mirror. Only we weren’t looking back at ourselves. Our reflections showed two completely different people. Then there was the third person also looking in the mirror. It was one of the men who was chasing us. He didn’t seem to recognize us or care that we were there. And it looked like he didn’t even recognize himself in the mirror. Seems he was going through the same thing we were. Somehow the entrance to the cave transported us into a different world where we were different people. And that’s it. I woke up and it was 1 in the morning. But man was that a very real dream. I’m not sure what this dream means if anything. If anybody knows how to interpret it please leave a comment.

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